10,000 fans from each club could be present, to football stadiums

Football authorities are right to be looking at ways of returning fans to stadiums, say the Sunday Supplement panel, following reports 20,000 supporters could attend the FA Cup final.

In the revised football calendar, the showpiece final is now due to be held at Wembley on August 1 and a report in the Mirror on Sunday says 10,000 fans from each club could be present.

Elsewhere, there have also been reports leagues in Italy and Spain could restart in front of socially distanced supporters, with stadiums around 20 per cent full.

“It feels hopeful and we could all do with a bit of that at the moment. And it makes some sense, if spacing can be done,” said Matt Dickinson, the chief sports writer of The Times.

“Obviously it throws up all sorts of other issues about public transport, people getting into the stadium…

There’s an awful lot of practicalities to be resolved. But as has been reported this morning, they’re exploring it in other countries and it makes sense to explore it.

“I’m sure there are logistical challenges to overcome but if the fans can be got there safely, can be spread out through a stadium, then why shouldn’t we be looking at it.

Because step by step, we’re trying to get back to as normal as we can. And to me, football will not be back properly until I can go with my kids and sit in the stand and watch it.

“We’ll take whatever we can before then – but that is when football will be back.”