Mesut Ozil becomes godfather as Arsenal fan names newborn baby after him

Mesut Ozil is the latest godfather in town after granting a fan’s request of becoming a part of his family.

Jack Robinson baby welcomed a baby girl and named her after the Gunners midfielder – Ozil has been through too many struggles at the just concluded season with the London club but has chosen to remain at the club Mesut Ozil might be facing many struggles at Arsenal but the out-of-favor midfielder has become a godfather.

A few months back, Arsenal star granted a dying wish of an arsenal fan called Jack Robinson whose wife was pregnant. Robinson sent a message on Twitter to Ozil about christening his child after him and the veteran midfielder granted his request.

“@MesutOzil1088 wife is expecting in july she said if i can get you to reply i can name the kid Ozil, dont let me down,” Robinson wrote. And the 31-year-old star responded: “It’s a deal mate, I don’t let you down. Now it’s your turn. I want to see the birth certificate of your kid in July.”

Mesut Ozil becomes godfather as Arsenal fan names newborn baby after him. UGC And after five months a beautiful girl has been born as Robinson christens her Mara Ozil Robinson.

The new father took to his excitement on Twitter to share a photo of his adorable daughter sending a message to Ozil saying: “Deal completed :heavy_check_mark:, worth every second.

Mara Özil Robinson, nickname and #MÖ. Mom and baby girl doing great. Thanks again for an amazing lasting memory.” And Ozil also celebrated with the club faithful: “Wow, can’t believe you really did it man. Huge congratulations to you and the little family, Jack.”

A Twitter user named Jack Robinson posted a tweet stating that his wife will be delivered of a baby in the seventh month of the year. And that if the German midfielder responds to his post he would take the honour of christening his child Ozil.