What Frank Lampard said to Freddie Ljungberg in the tunnel after Arsenal lifted the FA Cup

The Chelsea head coach shared a few words with the former Arsenal winger in the Wembley tunnel after watching the Gunners lift the trophy.

Speaking after the game, Lampard admitted his side did not do enough to beat their north London rivals.

“We did not play well enough,” he said in his post-match press conference. “We had a great start and had control of the game but at that point we started to get sloppy and not take that control and continue to move the ball quickly.

“We did not ram home our control, got slower not moving it so well and winning it back so quickly.

“That changed the tone of the game and it was very hard to get it back after that.

“But we did start the second half brighter. And if Christian goes through and scores instead of pulling his hamstring then… There were certainly circumstances in the game that conspired against us.

“In terms of football we didn’t play well enough.”

Lampard also showed his magnanimous side in the Wembley tunnel after the match finished.

The FA Cup YouTube channel posted a behind-the-scenes video of what happened in the tunnel before and after the match, with Lampard seen walking up to Gunners coach Freddie Ljungberg after watching Arsenal lift the trophy.

The Blues coach is familiar with the Swede from their playing days, with the pair both starting in the 2002 FA Cup final in Cardiff.

And Lampard was quick to congratulate Ljungberg by saying: “Enjoy your night,” after an inaudible start to their quick conversation.